Grievance Policy

Updated Wednesday December 16, 2015 by Leopard Lacrosse.


All participants in the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program, including players, parents, and coaches, are expected to behave according to the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Code of Conduct (available on the Lovejoy Lacrosse website). Along the same lines, it is expected that any conflicts that arise between participants will be resolved by applying both the letter and the spirit of the Code of Conduct, keeping in mind that the adult members of the program are viewed by the younger members as leaders, role models, and problem solvers.

Where the complaint or conflict involves matters that could first be discussed with the offending party, the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program believes the open door policy between coaches, parents, and players should be followed. We encourage parents, players, and coaches to communicate with each other to resolve any differences. Coaches and the Board of Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse will make themselves available for discussion with the player and parent. In regard to complaints or concerns between players or parents, Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse would encourage the players and parents to make themselves available for discussion and resolution with each other. Further, we would recommend that such discussions do not occur immediately before or after an incident or a game as the coach’s, parent’s, and player’s mind, focus and attitude may not be able to objectively deal with the disagreement and concern at hand. Instead, parents, players, and coaches should agree upon a time to discuss the concern at hand and carry through with that discussion to reach an amicable resolution, if possible.

The Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Board recognizes, however, that there may be rare instances when these conflicts cannot be satisfactorily resolved directly by the parties to the dispute or through the informal intervention of another program member. For those infrequent situations the Board has instituted a formal Grievance Procedure. All members should be aware that the Grievance Procedure IS NOT a substitute for direct conflict resolution between the parties; it is a secondary procedure to be employed only in the unlikely event that the parties cannot amicably and responsibly resolve their dispute through direct communication.  

1.         No grievance will be accepted that seeks to challenge a coaching decision.  For purposes of this provision, a coaching decision includes, but is not limited to, team placement selection, playing time, position assignments, starting assignments, and lacrosse practice and game strategy. 

2.         A grievance may be lodged by any member of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program for any suspected violation of the program’s Code of Conduct or for any suspected violation of local, state, or federal law.

3.         A valid grievance must be in writing, using the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program’s Grievance Form (available on the Lovejoy Lacrosse website), and must fully explain the specific nature of the grievance, the specific circumstances surrounding the alleged violation, and the specific provision(s) of the Code of Conduct alleged to have been violated. The person filing the grievance must also identify all witnesses or other persons with knowledge of the alleged violation.

4.         A valid Grievance Form must be signed by the parent, coach, or player who completed the Grievance Form and be submitted to the appropriate program Vice President (i.e. Bantam Division, Junior Division, or High School).

         a.         If the appropriate Vice President has any involvement in the alleged incident, then that person will be excluded from the grievance review committee (if applicable); and

         b.         If the appropriate Vice President has any involvement in the alleged incident, then the signed Grievance Form should be submitted to the President of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Board.

5.         No grievance will be accepted from any person who fails to file the written Grievance Form within ten (10) days of the incident in question.

6.         No grievance will be accepted from any person who himself or herself has not complied with the Code of Conduct or who has not themselves signed and submitted the Code of Conduct acknowledging that they have read and agreed to the Code of Conduct. 

7.         No grievance will be accepted prior to the completion of a 48-hour “cooling off” period following the alleged incident.

8.         Details of the grievance are not to be discussed with anyone other than the parties directly involved with resolving the grievance.

9.         Upon receipt, the program Vice President or the named replacement will review the grievance and determine that all criteria for filing a grievance have been met.

10.       If the grievance is accepted, the Vice President or named replacement will then submit the grievance to the President of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Board.  The President or named replacement will then investigate the incident. The President or named replacement may ask other Board Members to assist in the investigation process, including, but not limited to, the gathering of information, speaking to witnesses, and reviewing documents. The President or named replacement will then attempt to resolve the grievance with the parties amicably.

11.       In the event that the President or named replacement is unable to resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of the parties, the Board Members of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program will appoint a Grievance Committee and the grievance will be turned over to the Grievance Committee for further review and final determination.

12.       The Grievance Committee will consist of at least three (3) members of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program that have no conflicts of interest with any of the parties involved in the filed grievance.

13.       The Grievance Committee will then evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding the grievance, the alleged Code of Conduct violation, and conduct any further investigation deemed necessary.     

14.       Following their initial evaluation, the Grievance Committee will conduct a hearing on the grievance. The Grievance Committee will notify all the parties involved seven (7) days in advance of the grievance hearing date.

15.       All persons wishing to address the Grievance Committee, either for or against the grievance, shall notify the Committee that they would like to be put on the hearing agenda within four (4) days of the notification.

16.       Each person will be allotted ten (10) minutes to address the Grievance Committee. If any person cannot attend, they will be allowed to submit in writing their response to the grievance.  It is the hope of the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Board that all parties are prompt and forthcoming in providing the necessary information at the grievance hearing.

17.       Following the conclusion of the hearing, the Grievance Committee will meet separately to consider the grievance and render their decision.

18.       All parties will be notified by either a follow up meeting, mail, or email as to the committee’s decision. The decision of the Grievance Committee will be Final! The Grievance Committee will inform the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse Board of the decision and it will be noted in the minutes of the next board meeting.

19.       If the decision of the Grievance Committee determines that probation or suspension from the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program is warranted, then the Board will take into consideration the period of probation or suspension recommended by the Grievance Committee and implement the decision. The decision may also include follow-up meetings and/or observations as to the probation period, before the incident is resolved and reinstatement has occurred.

20.       In the event of concern for physical safety, a more expedited process will be implemented.



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