BOYS - 2018 Fall Season Information & FAQs

Updated Monday August 20, 2018 by Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse.



We would like to thank you for your interest in the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program and for visiting our website.


Registration is now open for the boys’ Fall 2018 lacrosse season for all age groups and grade levels – Kindergarten through 12th grade. To register, just click on the red “Register Online” banner on the home page of our website. (


Here is some information to help answer the frequently asked questions about registration and the Fall 2018 season.



When does the fall season start?  How long is the fall season?

Practices for our fall season will begin on the dates listed below.  The season will end in early November.  While Lovejoy Lacrosse has both a fall and spring season, the spring season is traditionally considered the main lacrosse season.  We typically play 4-6 games and 2-3 tournaments in the fall (depending on the age of the team).


K / 2nd Grade Team(s):  begin Monday, August 27th

3rd / 4th Grade Team(s): begin Monday, August 27th 

5th / 6th Grade Team(s): begin Monday, August 27th

7th / 8th Grade Team(s): begin Monday, August 27th

High School Team: begin Monday, September 10th


How much are the registration fees for the fall season?

Registration will be open until September 1, 2018OR until team roster limits are filled (whichever comes first).  The fees are as follows:


K / 2nd Grade Team(s):  $225

3rd / 4th Grade Team(s): $250

5th / 6th Grade Team(s): $300

7th / 8th Grade Team(s): $350

High School Team: $1,400 for the entire year


Are there any other fees that I’m required to pay?

Yes, but not much.  All of our players are required to become a member of U.S. Lacrosse.  The fee is $30. U.S. Lacrosse membership is good for one year (beginning from the date of original registration). Registration is easy.  More information about U.S. Lacrosse membership can be found on their website at: 


If your son is already a U.S. Lacrosse member in current standing, then there is no need to re-register. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SON’S U.S. LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENT.  You will need your son’s US Lacrosse membership number and the expiration date when you register with Lovejoy Lacrosse.


On what days do the teams practice in the fall?  How long are practices?

K / 2nd Grade Team(s):  Monday & Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 7 pm

3rd / 4th Grade Team(s):  Monday & Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 7:30 pm

5th / 6th Grade Team(s):  Monday & Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm – 9 pm

7th / 8th Grade Team(s):  Monday & Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 7:30 pm

High School Team:  MondayWednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm – 9 pm


Who will be the Coaches?

High School team:  Andrew Hodgson, Edward Hodgson, Chris Selva, Peyton Myles

7th / 8th Grade Black team:  Peyton Myles, Andrew Hodgson

7th / 8th Grade Red team:  Rance Bryson, Joe Hannigan

5th / 6th Grade Black team: Craig Friesland, Steve Doyle, Jamey Brumley

5th / 6th Grade Red team: Jairus Pascale, Grant Pieper

3rd / 4th Grade Black team: Craig Friesland, Eric Johnson

3rd / 4th Grade Red team: Chris Selva

K / 2nd Grade team:  Korey Manley


Where do practices take place?

Practices will primarily be at Willow Springs Middle School.  Due to ongoing construction projects at the High School, we will not be practicing at the High School this fall, and all of our boys’ teams will practice at Willow Springs.  We know this will create some crowded practices and is less than ideal, but with everyone’s cooperation, we will make it work until construction is complete.  From time-to-time, there may be a conflict with the field at Willow Springs as LISD events have priority.  If there is a conflict, you will be notified via email or text that practice is being cancelled or moved to a different location, which will usually be Sloan Creek Intermediate School or “The Hill” Sentry Lacrosse field on Lucas Rd.


How will I know if a practice has been cancelled or the location or time have been changed?

We communicate with parents primarily via email.  Any practice or game cancellations or changes to practice and game schedules will be sent to the email address you provided during the registration process.  Cancellations and changes may also be sent out via our text notification system through our website.  This year we will also try to send out cancellation information via social media.  Please be sure to follow Lovejoy Leopards Lax on twitter.


We ask that you PLEASE log in to your Lovejoy Lacrosse account and make sure that the boxes that allow you to receive emails and to receive texts are both checked.


Additionally, some head coaches may use their own messaging system to communicate with parents. Some of these include Remind, GroupMe, and GameChanger.  If your son’s head coach will be using one of these additional messaging systems, they will let you know.


What is Lovejoy Lacrosse policy on cancelling practices and games for inclement weather?

Our website has our full inclement weather procedures and policies.  In short, the Lovejoy Board will make the final call on practice and game cancellations due to inclement weather.  Lovejoy Lacrosse is not an “official” LISD school sport so LISD’s guidelines for cancellations may be different than those of Lovejoy Lacrosse.


Where are the games played?

Lovejoy home games are played at Willow Springs Middle School or Sloan Creek Intermediate School.  Away games can be played at several places in the Dallas / North Texas area.


On what days do the teams play games in the fall?

Games in the fall have traditionally been played on Sundays.  There are some cases where we will play on Saturdays.  Tournaments will be played on both Saturdays and Sundays.  Dates and times of games for the fall season will be set very soon.  Game information will be posted on our website when the information becomes available.


The dates for bantam and junior (Kinder through 8th grade) tournaments this fall are as follows:  DFW Fall Claxic – October 13/14; Pink Out – October 20/21; McKinney Turlaxin – November 3/4.  The high school schedule will be provided by their coaches as soon as it is ready.


Will my son be able to borrow lacrosse equipment for the season?

Yes, we do have player loaner equipment available for beginning players to borrow. Preference is given to first time lacrosse players.  The Lovejoy Lacrosse program has a total of 40 sets of boys’ loaner equipment, in various sizes.  The equipment is loaned out on a first come, first serve basis.  The loaner equipment requires a deposit of $200.  The deposit is refunded at the end of the season, if the equipment is returned in good condition and not damaged.  The loaner equipment package includes:  helmet, shoulder pads, elbow/arm pads, gloves, and a stick.  It does not include: mouthpiece (required), athletic cup (required), rib pads (optional), shoes with cleats (required - football, soccer, or lacrosse shoes are all fine), a reversible team practice pinney (required), and team uniform (required).

Our loaner equipment distribution day will be at the home of David Diaz, 1006 Montgomery Place, Lucas, Texas 75002 on Saturday, August 25th from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon for anyone.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO GET LOANER EQUIPMENT.


My son plays another sport or has another school activity that conflicts with one of the practice days. Is it okay if he misses some of the practices?

Yes.  We understand that there are players that play multiple sports or are involved in other school activities.  Because of this, our coaches know that there will be some players that may miss some practices.  All we ask is that you make every effort to attend as many practices as possible and to notify either your coach or the appropriate board member when your son will be missing a practice.


Can my son get Off Campus PE credit?

Yes.  For players in middle school and in high school, your son can get Off-Campus PE credit for playing lacrosse.  Lovejoy Lacrosse is an “approved” off-campus sport.  The credits are 1/2 credit per semester, and the student can earn up to 2 credits maximum.  However, please note that lacrosse is a Level 2 off-campus PE program.  Level 2 means that the student cannot be dismissed from school early.  If you are interested in Off-Campus PE for your son, then you will need to fill out and turn in the Lovejoy ISD Off-Campus PE application found on the Lovejoy ISD Athletic website under “forms”.


Bantam & Youth Team Uniforms & Jersey Number Assignments

All BANTAM & YOUTH players are required to purchase a Lovejoy Lacrosse uniform AND a Lovejoy practice pinney.  Lovejoy Lacrosse uniforms and practice pinnies are purchased through Team LAX in Frisco.  The price for the uniform is $85, which includes a reversible red and white jersey and shorts.  The practice pinney is $25 and is also reversible.  Please order ASAP if you need a new uniform.  We are still using the sublimated reversible jerseys that we began using over a year ago, so you only need to order a jersey if you are new to Lovejoy Lacrosse, if you need a larger size, if you have lost your uniform, or if you haven’t played during the last two seasons.


New Players:  When ordering your uniform and practice pinney – DO NOT INCLUDE a jersey number. LEAVE THAT BOX BLANK.  The club will assign the jersey numbers.  Every effort will be made to give new players one of their three preferred jersey numbers.  However, we need to make sure there are no conflicts with any of the returning players on the same team or a grade below or above the new player. We will let you know your son’s jersey number within the next two weeks.  


Returning Players:  If you are ordering a new uniform – DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SON’S UNIFORM NUMBER.  LEAVE THAT BOX BLANK.  If you want to change your son’s jersey number, please let us know ASAP.  We need to make sure there are no conflicts with any of the returning players.

If you want to try on a sample uniform, you can go to Team LAX to do so. We recommend this, so you can make sure to get the correct size.  Team LAX is located at: 9201 Warren Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75035; (469) 362-8529


High School Uniforms

If your son is a High School player, you do not have to order a uniform.  The club will provide uniforms and a helmet to each high school player. 


If there is more than one team at my son’s grade level, which team will my son be on?

For our teams, we cap the size of our teams to ensure that everyone gets playing time.  If you register after the rosters are full, players will be placed on a “waiting list.”  If we have enough players, we will have multiple teams at each level.  Players will be placed on a team by the coaches after coaches have concluded player evaluations.  To those of you who are new to Lovejoy Lacrosse, we typically have a Red team and a Black team at each level.  The Black team is our more experienced and skilled team.  However, we attempt to level our K / 2nd grade teams.


My son – and I – are new to lacrosse, what can we expect?

Expect to have fun and expect to become hooked on lacrosse.  There’s a reason why lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States (and in North Texas).  It’s a fun, exciting, and fast paced sport and every player on the field is involved and active throughout the game.  It’s been said many times, once someone picks up a lacrosse stick and plays the game, they are hooked!  Parents love it because the action is non-stop and exciting to watch.


Don’t worry if you do not have any lacrosse experience.  Lacrosse is an easy game to learn.  Make sure to check out our “Lacrosse 101” webpage on our website (  You will find a lot of information on the game of lacrosse, such as the rules, the lingo, player positions, the field, and penalties. 


Hope this information helps.  Again, thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Lovejoy Leopards Lacrosse program.